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Ben Eater 6502 Update

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been working on the Ben Eater 6502 kit. I finally got the space to set up a proper workbench and have been hacking on it daily for the last week or so. This post is describing what I have done so far.

I’ve had a blast putting it together. If you aren’t very familiar with the kit/video series, you should definitely check it out.

BE 6502 Implementation

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6502 And Other news

It’s been a while

SQL Server
Hi internet, though I expect very few of my posts get much traffic – in any case if you are here, hello! It’s been quite a while since I have posted. My work has been a little crazy, and I’ve been working more in SQL Server versus Python for the last few weeks. So I haven’t had a lot to write here about that.

World of Warcraft
Additionally, I have recently started playing WoW again – big mistake. The addiction is back, but maybe finally waining a bit. I started playing it in mid-December (about the time of my last post – no coincidence there). My new little Hunter finally hit level 120, and I’m just idling around now doing world quests and such. So hopefully, I am starting to back away from that.

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