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In my continuing efforts to learn how to program the Atari 8-bit line decided I needed to step back when I started looking at display lists interrupts. I want to, eventually, learn to program this machine using assembler, but it became clear to me I needed to understand more about the concepts surrounding how the Atari draws to the screen, handles colors, and standard graphics modes. I pulled out my copy of Compute! ‘s First Book on Atari Graphics and my Atari Basic Reference Manual and set out to understand these topics.

This article is going to be my first foray into documenting my understanding of these so far. This article may not contain the correct information, but if it doesn’t, I will endeavor to come back to this article and post an addendum or follow up reference to a new corrected article when I learn more.

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Dipping my Toes into Atari 8-Bit Assembly – Hello World!

First the obligatory comment: It’s been a long time since I have posted anything at all. Not sure why per say just haven’t had a ton to say. Now on to what I want to say today.

Since I was a young child, I have had a fantasy about learning to program in assembler. Specifically 6502 assembly language for the Atari 8 bit computer line. I never really did much to make that ‘dream’ into a reality. I learned many other languages on a few different platforms, but my understanding of the 8-bit Atari internals was pretty limited.

As I have posted, I got an Atari 8-bit machine in the last year or two. I haven’t had a ton of time playing with it, but I would still like to learn 6502 Assembly. I decided to start playing with Mac/65 on the Atari itself and MADS on my MacBook Air M1 to see if I could even get a type in Hello world working, modify it a little and understand some of it. I’m not aspiring to become the next retro game developer for this platform or anything. I want to understand the platform/language at this level and maybe use it to springboard into the Commander X16 when it becomes available.

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Atari 8 Bit

Quite a lot has happened since my last post. The world has gone into utter craziness with the global pandemic. I got the kit I mentioned in my previous post, more on that in a bit. And I have gone full bore Atari 8 bit crazy!

The pandemic has kept me working from home, mostly, and I’ve been busy with that. So not a lot of time to work on much. My youngest son moved out of my house, so I’ve been spending time doing a minor rehab in his bedroom, so hopefully, by next week, it will become my new office. I have also bought and set up a ton of old Atari 8 bit equipment (more than I should have really).


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6502 And Other news

It’s been a while

SQL Server
Hi internet, though I expect very few of my posts get much traffic – in any case if you are here, hello! It’s been quite a while since I have posted. My work has been a little crazy, and I’ve been working more in SQL Server versus Python for the last few weeks. So I haven’t had a lot to write here about that.

World of Warcraft
Additionally, I have recently started playing WoW again – big mistake. The addiction is back, but maybe finally waining a bit. I started playing it in mid-December (about the time of my last post – no coincidence there). My new little Hunter finally hit level 120, and I’m just idling around now doing world quests and such. So hopefully, I am starting to back away from that.

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