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Apple M1 Dual Monitor Setup

It has been a LONG time since I posted last – truth be told, I haven’t done anything technical since the last post, really. I got super into the election coverage and have been focused on that. Now that it looks to be winding down – I won’t get into my politics here and now (maybe at some point) – I thought I would post about something new that I recently got.

HTC Evo 4G
First, a little perspective I had recently decided to move to the PC and Android. I had been using Apple Computers and the iPhone for a very long time. The last android phone I can remember having was HTC EVO 4G. Image by Christian Lo CC.

I probably did this about a month or so after my last post, so that wasn’t more than three or four months ago now. Long story short. I am back on an iPhone and back on the Macintosh for my daily drivers. My foray into Android left me missing the refinement of iOS, and the move into Windows (though I use windows every day for my job and I have a gaming rig that runs windows) left me really missing the integration that the Apple ecosystem provides.

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