geek logoMy name is Jeff Golden, and this is my personal ‘blog’. I am not a blogger, and I barely post anything here or anywhere. But sometimes I post something I’ve done, something I think is kind of interesting or something that I learned, and this is the place that I will do that.

This ‘blog’ doesn’t have comments because I’m unlikely to get any anyway, and moderating spam doesn’t thrill me.

My interests are Programming, Analytics, Data Science, anything Apple, occasionally 3D Printing, even less occasionally Photography and pretty much any other technical topic.

If you want to reach out, please feel free to do that – my email is jeffatcodewrenchdotcom. Please note that if you are reaching out to help me market my ‘web site’, ‘improve my SEO’ or sell me services for my ‘business’, I am not interested, and your email will be ignored.

Cheers, and enjoy!