6502 And Other news

It’s been a while

SQL Server
Hi internet, though I expect very few of my posts get much traffic – in any case if you are here, hello! It’s been quite a while since I have posted. My work has been a little crazy, and I’ve been working more in SQL Server versus Python for the last few weeks. So I haven’t had a lot to write here about that.

World of Warcraft
Additionally, I have recently started playing WoW again – big mistake. The addiction is back, but maybe finally waining a bit. I started playing it in mid-December (about the time of my last post – no coincidence there). My new little Hunter finally hit level 120, and I’m just idling around now doing world quests and such. So hopefully, I am starting to back away from that.

New Project

6502 Project Header

I am making this post because I am excited about a new project upon which I am about to embark. In the wake of all the coronavirus craziness I wanted something to do to pass the time. I recently ran into Ben Eater’s videos on youtube. This guy is smart and knows how to present concepts in a way that makes it easy to learn.

Ben Eater 6502
By Ben Eater
By Evan-Amos
Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

He has a series where he is building a 6502 computer on a solderless breadboard. My first computer was the TI-99/4A, but shortly after that, I moved to the Atari 800 series. The one I had the longest, as a kid, was my Atari 800XL. I never got into 6502 assembly programming on that (or any other assembler for that matter). But, the nostalgia of building a toy computer based on the same chip as that along with the cool factor of building it from components makes me smile.

I bought this kit along with an EEPROM programmer, his clock module kit, a logic probe, a toy oscilloscope, and other odds and ends to follow along. I’m hoping to receive the kit and the other parts/tools in the next few days.

I plan to post updates here as I progress (or if I build it quickly when I finish). I’m not at all sure what I’ll do with it once it’s made – but I can’t imagine it will be anything but fun to put together.


I’m not sure if Ben is 100% done with his build videos yet – but here are the videos he has released so far for this project.